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Manna only delivers to my suburban location once per week. I received text message and e-mail confirmations of shipment and another confirmation the morning before the scheduled delivery. All confirmed delivery date and time was on schedule. THE NIGHT BEFORE delivery at 935 PM I received a call that the delivery would be impossible as it was still 2 states away. WTF!

Oh, also I was told on the phone they'd known for 2 days that the delivery timeline was impossible due to prior delays.

I scheduled another delivery, by phone, for my next availability when I would be able to take leave from work for their terrible 4-hour window. I received a call back, "oops that's a holiday we can't deliver then either."

Finally I was able to arrange for family to receive the shipment. When it did finally arrive, several of the bed set components were obviously damaged before the boxes. the were even opened. delivery truck men (sub-contracted by Manna) actually commented, "It looks like they put a fork lift through it"

Monetary Loss: $4374.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #670268
Manna Distribution Services Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous: Please accept my apology for the faulty communication and the inconvenience to your schedule. If you will call me directly, I will try to resolve this to your satisfaction.

I am Yared Ansera, Operatons Manager for Manna and my direct line is: 877-626-6249 x 2056. Please. Call me today. You can also email me at yared.ansera@manna.com.

We make hundreds of thousands of deliveries and unfortunately, forklift damage does happen during the thousands of miles that pieces must travel.

We regret it and we do everything in our power to mitigate it, but it does happen. I can talk to you about filing a claim if you will only contact me.

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