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I bought Samsung TV for 6584.95. Manna Gave me delivery date so i took a day off from work.

Manna used third party to deliver my TV (75inches). It was suppose to be delivered by 2 people 2 threshold. One guy delivered my TV in white mini van, now how do you expect this one guy to pick up my 75inches long TV. He also delivered 60inches TV to somebody else right before my delivery and he said it was sitting on top my TV.

I notice that my TV upper left corner front frame is slightly bent, Very hard to notice unless you go close to it and cause of that since its edge lit TV so i am having black uniformity problem when i watch any black scene movies. (edge lit lights are more brighter than rest of the corner). Samsung do not cover any shipping damages under warranty. I did took that pictures of guy the way he delivered the TV.

I filed a complaint to manna why i had one guy delivered my TV and they said because i changed the delivery date which i never did, than manna was like well that's what the third party who delivered you TV told us.(***). I told manna who is responsible for this TV now. Samsung do not cover warranty if its shipping damages. So Now you should be responsible for my 6584.95 TV.

How would you like to take care of that? Manna when we delivered any product we are not responsible for any damage either. So i was like i can prove it that it wasn't delivered right. I took some pictures.

They were like we are still not responsible. bottom line when you use manna and when some thing goes bad they just flat out try to get rid of you instead of solve the problem.

Its very unprofessional company. I will post delivery pictures.

Monetary Loss: $6585.

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