I absolutely have no idea how this crappy *** company is atill in business and why Vizio stil uses it!!! I ordered a 42" tv from vizio.com on Dec.

3rs. It shipped out the 13th (well vizio dropped i off at manna). I was supposed to get the tv today vut upon checking the tracking #, found out it never left California yet. I tried calling and waited a good hr and still was waiting.

Don't do the call back option or voicemail cause i can guarantee you they wont get back to you. I've tried. After i finally got a hold of them, they said because of the busy times it wasn't able to get on the earlier shipment to NY due to the amt of packages they had. I find this absolute bull ***.

They are a shipping company and i dont understand how they could possibly do this. They say they are the fastest shipping company well i dont think so.

I honestly could bike from california to ny quickr then my package will get here. I hope no one got a vizio tv cause if u did, don't expect to get it anytime soon.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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